Education – Goats

Do you know goats communicate to each other through bleating?

A young cow is called a calf; a young human is called a kid. Any interest to know what a young goat is called?

Do you know that the commonly consumed lamb chop comes from sheep and not goat? Ever wondered what the meat of a goat is called?

Education – Goat Milk

The Healthier Alternative

Globally, people are looking for a nutritious, delicious, and natural alternative to either cow or soy milk. Goat milk, nature next best thing to mother’s milk, is the perfect choice!

Goat milk does not have a ‘goaty’ smell. This smell only occurs if the buck goes near the doe during milking time.

In summary, goat milk has less allergenic properties, is easily digestible, lower in lactose, naturally lower in cholesterol and highly nutritious.