Farm Purchase

Come visit us at Hay Dairies Goat Farm and buy goat milk from the farmers directly!

The following minimum purchase will entitle you to a free Hay Dairies cooler box
(Styrofoam Box packed with ice that can last you up to 7-8 hours before you return home):

  • 2 x 800ml Goat Milk for SGD 16.00 (Medium Box)
  • 1 x 800ml Goat Milk + 4 x 200ml Goat Milk for SGD18.00 (Medium Box)
  • 8 x 200ml Goat Milk for SGD 20.00 (Medium Box)
  • 4 x 800ml Goat Milk for SGD 32.00 (Large Box)

If you like our sturdy and useful cooler boxes, you can also purchase them directly from the farm at SGD 5.00 / SGD 6.00 for the medium / large box respectively.

              MEDIUM BOX                         LARGE BOX

Save the earth together with the farmers!

On your next return trip back to the farm, remember to bring back the cooler box as you will get 1 x 200ml goat milk free of charge (original or chocolate) when you purchase a minimum of 2.4 liters (2,400ml) goat milk.